Who Pays the Price for Your Pain

When we don’t take the time after divorce to free ourselves from the shackles of pain, it damages our children in many ways.

Your #1 job right now is to care for yourself. You have learned, the hard way, that people can be unreliable. They can be selfish. They can be inconsistent. The only person you can rely on to offer you the care and consideration you need is yourself.

You have a great opportunity to be an incredible example to your children. The world is tough. There are going to be terrible things that they’ll have to deal with along the way. Teach them that life may be hard, but they have everything they need within them to solve any problem that comes their way.Raise your child

And, so do you.

You’ve found a great place to start here at LegalLogs. We’ve been there. We know divorce, affairs, lies, deceit, step-parenting, abandonment, narcissism, loneliness, and what it means to sit at rock bottom and decide to start climbing.

Take some time and navigate though our site and know that you are not alone. Take steps to heal yourself, to get organize, and to remind yourself that you are stronger than you can ever imagine.

Just take it one document at a time.



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