A Ray of Hope (when life hands you your ass)

A Ray of Hope (when life hands you your ass)

“No one hopes for the worst, but when divorce finds you, LegalLogs is here to remind you you’re not alone. We’ve gone through it, and, now we’re paying it forward”–Claire Carberry 

Carberry, along with co-founders Erik Lane and Chris Kennedy are on a mission to lessen the worry and pain of your divorce. Childhood friends Lane and Kennedy came up with the idea for LegalLogs, a CLIENT driven case preparation tool that empowers people to take their divorce in to their own hands. In other words, helping your attorney manage your divorce will save you months (maybe even years) of litigation, and of course thousands of dollars. Want to hear more?

A few years after LegalLogs got it’s first successful days in court, Claire Carberry walked into the picture. The actress who found herself going through a troublesome divorce knew there had to be an easier, more supportive way for the over 60% of American adults and their kids who are affected by divorce.  Claire’s perspective brought a missing piece to the puzzle: at the end of the day, these are real humans, dealing with THE most important thing in their world right now…and they need support. A lot of it.

LegalLogs is here to support you throughout the process, to help you get the best possible outcome: life, happily ever after.

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