Is Luck Real?

The Old Irish Blessing starts with the words “May the road rise to meet you.” These are words that ring in the air this time of year when green beer and kisses are partnered with a riotous good time of dancing and drinking with friends. Once the haze of Guinness and lost love fades, we are left with those words…

“May the road rise to meet you.”

We all want something in this world. For some, it’s to be valued. For others, they want to feel purposeful. People look to find riches both in quantity and quality.  Oftentimes, we get stuck looking at our desires, as if they’re far off in the distance, like a tiny cottage sitting in a verdant green oceanside mountain pasture. How do we get there? By climbing the cliffs?  By trudging uphill, one agonizing step at a time?  The plethora of options leaves us hamstrung and exhausted even before taking a single step.

Granting the wish, that the path will rise up to meet us all along your way, is truly the greatest gift that the universe can bestow upon us.  Our job is simple, “Keep focused on what you want.” See it, taste it, feel how your life is changed by having it. In the highly recommended novel”The Alchemist“, Paulo Coelho wrote of this very thing in his beautiful allegory of self-empowerment and discovery in 14 perfect words:

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”St. Patricks add

When it comes to luck, those who have it know this. They know that indeed, the road will rise to meet them. The wind will always be at their back. Your job is to stay focused on the life you want and make sure to stay sober enough to see the pot of gold that is waiting for you.

So, sham-ROCK your world by believing in your own luck..every step of the journey.


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