Fixer-Upper Relationships – What You Need to Know!

“We are all fixer-uppers. We are always fixer-uppers. That’s not a flaw; it’s an opportune ty.” When we can accept ourselves as flawed yet lovable, we can do the same for the important people in our life. Put in the sweat-equity on yourself for a great relationship return.

Lessons From the End of a Marriage

What area do you want to live?

How much do you want to spend?

And how much work are you willing to do?

Those are usually the first three questions a real estate agent asks a person in the market for a new house. And perhaps the response to the last is the most telling.

Some people look at house that has some functional deficits or is in need of a complete overhaul as chance to create what they what. A challenge, yes. But also an opportunity.

Others want to move into a ready-made house. Open door, insert family. Perhaps because of limitations of time, money or skill, they are reticent to consider a property in need of renovation to bring it up to their expectations.

Those in the second group usually get their wish at first. They find something brand new and stylish or luck into finding and falling…

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