5 Steps to Independence After Divorce

The 4th of July is upon us and what better time to celebrate your own independence. Take a break from building your case with LegalLogs with these 5 firecracker ideas to keep the party going:

    1. Throw Yourself a Divorce Party
      divorce hate my ex
      Fabulous Divorce Cake, Charm City Cakes in Baltimore, MD

      You threw yourself a wedding to start the whole thing off, why not bookend it with a kick-ass celebration. Imagine your friends, your REAL ones, surrounding you at a bonfire, laughing, eating, crying and celebrating as you burn those love letters that said “I will always love you.” Letting go, literally and figuratively, can be just the cathartic end you need to start your new beginning. It is your journey after all.

    2. Take Yourself on a Date
      Idependance from Divorce

      Whether it’s a Brony convention, that Broadway show, Kentucky Bourbon tour or just a sensory deprivation tank, NOW is the time to do all those things you always wanted to but your ex was never into.

    3. Get a Makeover
      Get a makeover after a divorce

      If you are one of the lucky ones, the “Divorce Diet” did wonders for your muffin top. Now is the time to show it off. Get a new hair-do, a new outfit, a new workout and don’t forget the most freeing of all: make sure you get your new (maiden) name back. You’ve logged a lot of miles before your marriage, and you have many more to go.

    4. Take Yourself on a Trip
      Travel after divorceSource: ZENFOOLISH.TUMBLR.COM

      The world is yours! Get your passport, buy you ticket (on the 54th day before your travel date for the best rates) and put on your dancing shoes. The best revenge is living an interesting life.

    5. Think Twice About that Butterfly Tattoo
Regret after divorce

We all know tattoos are a permanent expression of a temporary feeling. Your feelings are all over the map, take some time to settle them down before you find yourself BACK at the tattoo parlor to cover up that 2people + 2gether = 4ever tattoo.


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