5 Secrets to Save Money on Divorce

Divorce comes with a cost.  Anyway you look at it, there will be a price to pay when it comes to ending a marriage.  There are myriad factors at play and only you know if getting a divorce is the right option for you and your circumstances.

If you decided to head down the road to marital independence, these secrets can help keep costs down.

  1. Go Pro Se
    Pro se is a term for representing yourself in a legal court matter.  If you and your former spouse are on good enough terms to split amicably, this is the way to go.  It might seem rare but sometimes couples simply realize they have fallen out of the desire to co-exist. For them, this easy, collaborative approach can save thousands of dollars.  You had to “suck it up” until this point, can you hold on for another 3-12 months to save a lot of money in the long run? Only you know the answer.
  2. Use LegalLogs’ Free Tools to Prepare and Stay Organized
    Built on the belief that there HAS to be an easier way to save time, money and your sanity when going through a family law matter, LegalLogs built a FREE app to stay organized on the go.  Regardless of whether you work with an attorney or represent yourself, these tools not only guide you through the process, they help you do something else very important when dealing with an contentious ex: They give you a place to air your frustrations. If your ex is late, AGAIN, instead of letting it trigger you to fly off the handle, just record it in your private and secure LegalLogs journal and get on with your life! This point leads us to our next tip….
  3. Try to Keep Feelings Out of It
    There is no doubt about it, this hurts. The sting of betrayal gives way to feelings similar to a death of a loved one. You will have to grieve if you are going to move on. There is no sweeping this under the rug.  You’ll get a much better ROI if you spend $100/hour on a mental health professional that can lead you to invaluable insights to help you grow as a human, rather than spending $100 for just 15 minutes of an attorney’s time and, in doing so, help to fund THEIR new BWM and send THEIR child to private school. This period of your life marks the beginning of you taking care of yourself.

  4. Find a Free Mediation Service
    There are local chapters of legal aid services in every jurisdiction.  The paperwork can be confusing, the deadlines can approach quickly and sometimes you just want to make sure you have covered your “ass”ets.   A mediator can help you iron out some of the stickier points that are left open-ended and pave the way to the peaceful outcome you desire.

  5. Find a Trustworthy Attorney
    If things have become too challenging with your ex or too financial complicated, you may have no choice but to retain an attorney.  When shopping around for the right firm to represent you, understand that your best ally is someone who has YOUR best interest at heart.  Sometimes, you can find the right person through a friend but relying on a database of attorneys who paid advertising dollars to have their listing at the top of the webpage isn’t always the safest option.  LegalLogs has a vetting process embedded inherently in its software.  LegalLogs saves people money and it helps attorneys and clients work together on their case, in real-time.   It’s a win-win for everyone, except for the ambulance chaser that’s out there trying to drain your IRA account. 

LegalLogs was designed by real people with real (and on-going) family law issues.  We walked the walk to clear the path for you to the best possible outcome.

Curious? Download the Free App today!

Lelo app for Divorce and Custody


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