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Do This 1 Thing to Better Your Life

The 2016 Summer Olympic games begin today.  After 120 years, 26 summer games and 22 winter games, more than 11,000 athletes will compete this year in Rio. The athletes, from 205 nations, along a refugee team of survivors who have fled the conflict in their own countries, understand the key element that draws a line between victor and victim.  They have embraced this one thing as the root of happiness and success.


Each of these individuals fully embraced the purpose for which they were put on this earth. They accept the sacrifice of hard work, early mornings, injury, regimented diets and the strain training has put on their relationships because they know that every choice they make is in sync with their purpose for being.

For us non-Olympians, what can we learn from them? The Olypmic athletes are no more divine than you or me when it comes to our reason for being here. Purpose, as defined by Wayne Dyer, involves truly understanding the sole reason that you were put on this planet, for this exact and finite duration of time. Your purpose is something far greater than a job or your role in your family. It’s more than just fitting in with your community and managing a schedule.  Your purpose is entirely unique to you with its roots in your infinite divine intelligence.

How do I find my purpose?

The secret is this: if you sit in the still quiet of your own mind, through mediation, through exercise, through visualization of the answers coming to you, or in prayer, your purpose will bubble up to the surface and present itself to you. You know that you have a purpose, the key is to listen to your inner voice, the one that knows you best.

When going through a divorce or any legal matter, every definition that we had made for ourselves gets upturned and questioned. Just like an volcanic eruption, it’s in this shift that our inner core is released, powerful and uncontrollable. Use this time to let your purpose bubble up to the surface for when we live a purpose driven life, worry, fear, and suffering disappear.

What is your purpose? #PurposeProject


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