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How to Prevent the #3 Cause of Death in Youth: Suicide

Basic First Aid courses will teach you to elevate a sprained ankle, apply pressure to stop bleeding and always use Universal Precautions to protect yourself while treating others.

But what happens when the pain and hurt come from within. A youth with mental illness can so be severely effected by brain chemistry that reality can be distorted to resemble the worst case scenario. While we can’t get inside the mind of the youngsters in our lives, we can become certified in Mental Health First Aid.  With suicide being the THIRD leading cause of death for youth aged 10-24, here’s what you can do to be prepared for the worst and provide the best immediate intervention.

Get started with a record keeping app that can go anywhere you go. You will need to share what happens with a mental health professional, ER nurse or parent and the more information you have, the better you can help.

The National Council of Behavioral Health has created a Mental Health First Aid course that uses a simple acronym to help you react in a healthy and helpful way when a youth is in crisis. According to their website, here is the simple way to remember A.L.G.E.E. intervention.suicide special needs mental illness

Get certified. Your preparation may save a life yet to be lived.


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