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Do This 1 Thing to Better Your Life

The 2016 Summer Olympic games begin today.  After 120 years, 26 summer games and 22 winter games, more than 11,000 athletes will compete this year in Rio. The athletes, from 205 nations, along a refugee team of survivors who have fled the conflict in their own countries, understand the key element that draws a line between victor and victim.  They have embraced this one thing as the root of happiness and success. Continue reading “Do This 1 Thing to Better Your Life”


5 Steps to Independence After Divorce

The 4th of July is upon us and what better time to celebrate your own independence. Take a break from building your case with LegalLogs with these 5 firecracker ideas to keep the party going: Throw Yourself a Divorce Party You threw yourself a wedding to start the whole thing off, why not bookend it with a kick-ass celebration. Imagine your friends, your REAL ones, surrounding you at a bonfire, laughing, eating, crying and celebrating as you burn those love letters that said “I will always love you.” Letting go, literally and figuratively, can be just the cathartic end you need … Continue reading 5 Steps to Independence After Divorce